Directors Desk board portal

Directors Desk Board Portal Tutorial

The market for board portals is expanding steadily as it is in demand by many of today’s boards of directors. These solutions improve virtually all meeting processes, preparation for the meeting, and those processes that are typically performed after the meeting is over. However, it can be difficult to choose your vendor because of so many options. In this article, we will review the Directors Desk board portal and define its main features.

Directors Desk Board Portal – General Information

The Directors Desk is a comprehensive tool that provides businesses with the means to handle most parts of board cooperation and management, including planning the work of the board of directors, creating and managing board books and other meeting documents, managing meeting events, and tracking board participation and readiness. The iPad app provides access to virtually all board portal features, including reading and annotating documents, voting, document libraries, and messaging. Documents can be swapped and summaries can be transferred to the revised edition. The product interface has two distinct menus with tabs for different tools at the top and shortcut action items on the left side. The vendor states that the colors of the interface are customizable.

Board members can use this tool for presentations, and it integrates with third-party conferencing tools. Users can correspond with each other through the system or participate in discussions on the site, but there is no chat. But chat is not provided. The cost of the system is an annual fee that depends on the number of users who need access to the application.

Directors desk Nasdaq – main features

Below we went into detail about the features of the Nasdaq vendor and what features it has included in its Directors desk solution:

  • Fast document retrieval: Users can easily find and navigate through documents on the desktop using the built-in search function
  • Document Text Search – All Documents: This allows you to search for a specific word or phrase in the text of all documents on the board portal using the built-in search function
  • Available file format: Lets you browse your documents in their original format or in the usual PDF format.
  • Past Meeting Documents: Past meeting documents are stored in the Documents section. Tools
  • Print Meeting Book: This allows you to print the entire meeting book if the print feature is enabled
  • Meeting Calendar: Board members can view a calendar of all upcoming grant and committee meetings on the user panel
  • Work Calendar: Board members can see a list of upcoming work on their calendar if created as events. created as events
  • Calendar customization: Board members cannot customize their calendar, but can choose one of three display formats. Board members cannot choose which calendars to display
  • Meeting Agenda: You can add an agenda item as a section and upload a meeting agenda to attach to that section
  • Update uploaded documents: You can update a document in the board book by selecting the edit option and then the option to upload a new version
  • Official Voting: This allows you to conduct official voting within the portal. Voting can even include electronic signatures
  • Secure file format: Documents stored in the system are encrypted
  • Board-only folder access: Folder access rights can be set up to limit individual admin users’ access to specific folders or documents
  • Unified login: a board member who uses the service tool for a different board can still use the same login information for both boards
  • Robustness of Security Protocols: The system security meets the needs of large, international, or security-conscious foundations or corporations